I have been teaching Pilates since 2004 with a remarkable passion for the Pilates method and the positive impact it has on changing lives, including my own. In 2000 I found Pilates as a result of being in a car accident, and used it as a rehab tool for a neck injury. With a BS in Psychology and growing up as an athlete, Pilates struck a nerve and became the perfect fusion of exercising the mind and body, and would eventually lead me to the path I have been on ever since. I am Classically trained and certified through Pilates Uptown in Boulder Colorado(2003-2004), a comprehensive training program of 750 hours. I have extensive background and training in Kathy Grant work through Pilates Aligned in Denver Colorado (2003-2006), and I am PMA certified. In 2007 I acquired a teaching opportunity in the Hamptons, which ultimately led to my move to New York City. In 2009 I created a Pilates program and became the director for a Center of Preventative Medicine, managing multiple facilities throughout Manhattan, recruiting and building a highly qualified Pilates staff, and maintaining my own clientele. The program design follows Joseph Pilates’ classical method and uses contemporary modifications. I structured the recruiting process for on boarding Pilates Specialists nation wide for a start up On-Demand health and fitness app(2014-2016). My expertise working with individuals ranges from all levels, ages, cancer/disease, pregnancy, orthopedic conditions, heathy, and high performance athletes. I teach and encourage strength, stability, a greater body awareness and an understanding of how to find and use your core. The essence of my work is to promote and inspire quality of life, well-being, trust, strength, address pain, injury prevention, and overall fitness and health.