Modern Movement Pilates

I have been teaching Pilates with a remarkable and infinite passion and love for the work since 2004. In 2000, I suffered from a neck injury after I was rear-ended at a complete stop and was sent to physical therapy. From physical therapy I was then referred to Pilates, where my life was forever changed. Based on my quick recovery, the benefits and the way Pilates changed my body through posture and alignment; I knew there was something special about teaching Pilates. This was how I was going to help others feel better. With a BS in Psychology and growing up as an athlete, Pilates struck deep at the core. I quickly realized it was the perfect fusion of exercise for both the mind and body and would eventually lead me down the path I have been, happily, on ever since. I am Classically trained and certified through Pilates Uptown in Boulder Colorado(2003-2004), a comprehensive training program of 750 hours. I have extensive background and training in Kathy Grant work through Pilates Aligned in Denver Colorado (2003-2006), and I am PMA certified. In 2007 I was sought out to teach Pilates in the Hamptons, which ultimately led to my move to New York City. In 2009, I created and directed the Pilates program for a Center of Preventative Medicine for 8 years overseeing and managing multiple facilities throughout Manhattan, recruiting and building a highly qualified Pilates staff, while maintaining a full teaching and mentoring schedule of my own. From 2014-2016 I became the director of recruiting and on-boarding Pilates Specialists nation wide for a start up On-Demand Health and Fitness App. My expertise working with individuals ranges from all levels and ages from a healthy individual, professional athlete, actors and actresses; to cancer and disease, pregnancy, and various orthopedic conditions. My goal is to teach proper form and movement, give appropriate anatomical corrections, address pain, and provide the tools necessary for feeling your best, aging more gracefully, and injury free. I encourage strength, stability, flexibility, a greater body awareness, and an understanding of how to find and use ones core. The essence of my work is to cultivate a positive environment that you can trust, build confidence, and inspire overall health, fitness, and well-being.


Michelle Morton MM Pilates